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The Company was established in year 1992, when it started operations as a retailer of agricultural equipment. In year 1998 the Company acquired the equipment from Huhtamaki Oyj for producing View type egg cartons and MK+ trays, this being a start of egg packaging production in V.L.T. SIA.

Further on the Company acquired another production equipment from Huhtamaki Oyj and three machines from french company Ecofeutre. Thus becoming the largest producer of egg cartons and trays in Baltic states.

The Company shareholders are 3 private persons. The company invests private capital.

At the moment V.L.T. SIA produces more than 70 million units of product annually, where approximately half of that constitutes egg cartons and another half egg trays. There are over 70 employees employed in the Company.

95% of the production are exported abroad, where main markets are Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Russia and Latvia. Our products are represented in largest retail chains of Baltic countries (such as, Rimi, Maxima, Selver, SuperNeto, etc.) and Poland (Biedronka, Lidl).

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