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The environment is defined as natural surroundings where mankind exists, and the aggregate of resources the mankind is dependent upon. Since the emerging of mankind, activities of people have been a factor exerting powerful influence on the environment. And this influence is growing to be even more powerful due to ever-accelerating technological progress. Not much time passed since people started to think about saving nature and its resources, recycling of materials as well as reasonable and effective usage of them.

Environmentally friendly thinking and action
Nowadays, when many people taking care of the environment we are proud to announce that in our factory we use 100% recycled material – waste paper in production. And let it be stressed that our products can be recycled after usage over and over again.

To manufacture one ton of paper, up to 14 middle sized trees have to be cut down in Latvia. As we use up to 4500 tons of waste paper in a year, that means we are saving about 60 000 trees each year. Impressive, isn’t it?
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