Our production process is efficient and environmentally friendly. Using recycled paper, we save around 60 000 trees every year.



The process that leads to the egg trays and boxes consists of four essential steps. The first is the mill, where water is added to the waste paper to produce a smooth liquid pulp (pulp). The pulp is then fed to the next sector of the machine, where the pulp is moulded to the desired product appearance. The next stage is drying. Last is the finishing sector, where the finished products are printed or stickers are applied.



Today, when a significant part of society is concerned about the environment, we are

we are proud to announce that our production facility works with 100% recycled material – waste paper. And, importantly, our products are recyclable again and again after use.

To produce one tonne of paper, up to 14 average-sized Latvian trees have to be felled. We use up to 4 500 tonnes of recovered paper a year, saving around 60 000 trees every year. Impressive, isn’t it?

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